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  • Urban people in 6 x Union Councils (Barrian, Ashkot, Kundil Shahi, Chillhana,  Shahkot amd Authmuqam) of tehsil Authmuqam District Neelum have very limited opportunities to gain useful technological skills which would enable them to become true professional in the field of computer technology, which also help them in seeking good careers in Govt. and private sectors.

  • In the past, few NGOs has done different projects in mention union councils including skills training scheme which focuses only on electronics, carpentry, hairdressing and tailoring. These skills, while certainly beneficial, but not sufficient and only beneficial to particular class of people in which most of them are illiterate. Also these projects has been implemented to limited areas of District Neelum city areas only. Whereas our NGO NCSDO is especially focusing on rural areas of the district Neelum AJK.
    NCSDO has this broader vision of expanding the mention project to all the union councils of tehsil Athmuqam district Neelum AJK.

  • The mention areas has been consider one of the most under developed areas of Capital city Muzaffarabad. There are few vocational centers has been established by the Govt as well as in the private organizations. However, there are very few centers available and accessible so demand is extremely high.
    NCSDO has done different projects in these areas the complete list can be seen on the portal (  

  • The organization will extend full cooperation with government officials for right direction. It will reserve right to take legal action against those government functionaries doing excesses and injustices to the people of the area.
  • The organization will take all possible steps to provide training of different skills to the people so that they could stand upon their own feet
  • Organization will hold from time to time seminars and training workshops for its members, including community training.
  • Orphans Support includes

We require individuals like you individuals who can and will translate empathy into action, by providing orphaned children the opportunity to help themselves, and be treated with the equality they deserve.

Orphan Support

Orphans continue to face many challenges in the field of education specially- from the lack of schools to lack of qualified teachers to lack of school equipment. Your assistance in donating for:
- School books for the library
- Technical books for older children to start learning a vocational courses.
-Technical equipments like computers, knitting machines, sewing machines, printing and photo copiers etc
- Stationary and bags
-Food and clothes
- School uniforms

Children Support

-Village Shools in Rural Areas of Neelum
-Computer Labs
-Providing stationary
-Health Care facilities
-Child and Mother Care camps
-Vocational Centers for Women and children
-Dispensaries in Village areas of Neelum

-Foods and packages

How it works

Empower the poor people of Neelum's union councils is powered by your passion; it works because of you! Create a community among your family and friends, your company, place of worship or school. Together, you can spread the word, raise funds, and share your stories.
With the money you raise, we will purchase the items or services that are required by the people. All material is given directly to the people rather than to any other level. We have found that this is the most effective way for your help to reach the needed ones directly. On a regular basis, our team works with the administrators and checks on the well being and requirements of the people of these union councils.

How to Help

Not every person is able to adopt an orphaned or abandoned child, but EVERYONE is able to help care for one and make a difference in his/her life.  Did you know that as little as $25 could educate a child for an entire year? Write to us click here

Donation Details

Account Title: National Child Support for Development Organization 
Account numer: 00 2393 -70000-46903   
Name of Bank : (HBL) Authmuqam  Branch District Neelum
Mobile : +92-03558122373
Mobile: +92-03216718084



Account Title: National Child Support for Development Organization
Bank Name:  (HBL) Authmuqam  Branch District Neelum
Account No: 00 2393 -70000-46903  
IBAN : PK94HABB0023937000046903
Sort Code: 230693
Account Type: Current
Address: (HBL) Authmuqam  Branch District Neelum


Please make cheques payable to:
"National Child Support for Development Organization " and post to:

National Child Support and Development Org Neelum AJK
Village Jabbar Birhowa, Union Council Barrian, Tehsil Athmuqam, District Neelum, AJK, Pakistan


Mr. Khawaja Haq Nawaz
ID Card Number: 82201-23394609
Mobile Numer for Transfer: +92-03558122373
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1. How Can I Help?

Not every person is able to adopt an orphaned or abandoned child, but EVERYONE is able to help care for one and make a difference in his/her life. Did you know that as little as $25 could educate a child for an entire year?Direct


Make a direct donation now. Donations can be one time or could recur on a monthly basis. For details please click Contact us

2. How do I donate on your website?

For details please Click contact us

3. Will I receive a donation confirmation?

Once your donation has been processed, Empower Orphans will send you a receipt via email

4. Can I make a donation by check?

Yes. Please write check out to NCSDO Neelum and mail to:

    Presendent NCSDO
    Mr. Khawaja Haq Nawaz
    Tel +92-03558122373


    Web Developer/Social Media Mobilizeer NCSDO
    Muhammad Naveed
    Tel: +92-03216718084

    5. Can I make a donation as a gift for someone else?

    Yes. You simply enter your recipient's name and email address on the contact us form. The recipient is notified automatically via e-mail.

    6. What if I have a problem making a donation?

    If you have any problems or questions, please contact us

    7. After donating, how long should I expect it to take to receive my receipt?

    Donations by check will be acknowledged by mail within ten days of receiving the donation. Online receipts will be sent to your e-mail address once the bank processes the payment. The length of time in which to expect the receipt via e-mail may vary on a couple of factors, including whether you made a one-time donation or a recurring donation. But the process is quick and you should expect the receipt within a day or two of your donation.

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